Need a vehicle to get the freedom to commutate everywhere you want to? It’s the right time! At Stephens-Franklin Teachers Federal Credit Union, we offer a variety of car loans at competitive rates to prove to you that we care. Besides secured vehicle financing programs, there are also Boats and RD loans and Motorcycle loans that you can consider. Feel free to purchase the car or other vehicle that is stuck in your mind, whether it’s a new or used one, and save money on interest to spend it on what really matters.

Secured Car Loans

At Stephens-Franklin Teachers FCU, we provide secured car loans at the lowest possible interest rates to make purchasing a new vehicle affordable to almost everyone. Your car will be used as a pledge until you pay off your loan in full. But you have nothing to worry about until you make your loan payment in accordance with your payment schedule.

Loans for Bad Credit

However, no matter how low your credit score is or how bad your credit history is, do not despair. You can still borrow money, and there are several different options.

Secured car loans come with lower interest rates, so they allow you to save money in the long run. There’s up to 100% financing that can be offered to members in good standing.

Unsecured Car Loans

An unsecured car loan is one that requires no collateral to get it. When you apply for an unsecured loan, your car is not a return guarantee, so you don’t risk losing it, even if you stop making your loan payments. Thus, it’s a stress-free option that carries less risk to you.

At Stephens-Franklin Teachers FCU, you’re welcome to apply for a regular personal loan and use it to cover the cost of your car. An interest rate will depend on your credit score, loan term, debt-to-income ratio, and credit utilization.

Document and Info Requirements for Car Loans

  • Vehicle information (purchase price, vehicle identification number, year, make, and model);
  • Current vehicle registration;
  • Proof of insurance;
  • Down payment.

Loan Features

Stress-Free Car Buying Service

Forget about spending your time shopping from dealer to dealer. At Stephens-Franklin Teachers FCU, we offer convenient and stress-free car buying services that will help you find the best deal possible.


A solid financial plan always comes with insurance protection. We partner with trusted insurance companies only to help you protect your vehicle on the best terms. Our members can access insurance programs that are easy to access and understand.

Convenient Payment Plans

Our car loans were created with love and with care. We strive to make our financial products fit any budget and affordable. Enjoy our flexible repayment schedule with up to 60 month loan terms.

Both New And Pre-Owned Car Financing

Whether you want to purchase a new car or it’s a used vehicle that you’re dreaming about, Stephens-Franklin Teachers FCU can make your dream come true.

Competitive Interest Rates

You can get a loan with an interest rate of as little as 5% for new cars and 9% for used cars. Interest rates for unsecured car loans or those for bad credit will be calculated differently. You’re welcome to pre-qualify to realize what interest rate we can offer you today.

Bad Credit Can Be Accepted

If your credit score falls into a subprime category, we can probably help you too. Our members are always welcome to pre-qualify without any impact on their credit scores. You will get a preliminary loan decision within one working day.

Refinancing Options Are Available

Want to cover your high-interest debt to reduce your monthly payments? We’re always ready to help you at every step of the refinance process. Consider our car refinancing to get more financial freedom and save money on interest.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be a member of Stephens-Franklin Teachers FCU in good standing
  • The minimum credit score of 600 (may be lower for bad credit car financing)
  • Have an active FCU account
  • Be an adult US resident
  • Have a sufficient monthly income
  • Make a required down payment