A security measure combining your PC information with personal questions that only you will know the answers.

  • Something you have
  • Something you know

Traditional authentication uses Username and Password to authenticate users providing only minimal security, because many passwords are easy to guess.

How will I use “Two-Factor Authentication”?

It is simple and secure.

Something you have:

You will be prompted to authenticate the PC from which you will be accessing your account information.

Something you know:

In addition to the information that is saved on your PC you will be prompted to answer 10 of the 20 questions displayed on your PC.

Upon completion of the authentication process you will be able to login without any additional steps, just as you normally have done in the past.

What if I want to login to my internet banking account from another PC?

A message will be displayed on the PC, “This computer has not been authenticated for the Access ID entered”. You will be prompted to answer three random questions (from the 10 questions you previously answered during the authentication process).